The Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Market is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and predicted to be an $18. Billion-dollar market by 2026 as organizations of every size, scale and sector share a growing need to deliver products to customers faster, sleeker and smarter.

This means consultants, coaches and those certified in Agile, will need to understand the many moving parts of Enterprise Agile Transformations, their role within this journey and how to effectively lead and support their teams before, during and after Agile Transformation.

Get plugged-in, as Certified Agile Coach and Agile Transformation Expert Practitioner, Dawn Nicole McIIwain, leads attendees through this FREE talk that will provide an Introduction To Agile Transformation, The Market, The Mission and Why It Matters to today’s workforce professionals.

  • Learn what Agile Transformation is and why more companies are transforming at alarming rates!
  • Find out how the Agile Transformation demand is creating a fast emerging submarket!
  • Discover how working professionals can position themselves for Agile Transformations leadership!

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