We Have Incredible AGILE Talent WHO’S Seeking GREAT Opportunities IN TODAY’S JOB MARKET.

AgileConneX Recruitment is dedicated to making fast connections between Agile candidates and employers.

As a growing online community of agilest with active job seeking candidates,  we pride ourselves on keeping our promises and delivering the best possible service to all our customers, while building lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates throughout their careers.

Whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, we have the expertise to help. Our social networks & online community for agilest provides a unique approach to modern recruitment, which means that the people you want, most likely are already talking to us about their next opportunities and job options.


We Focus On Supporting The Candidate, So You Can Focus On Your Hiring Needs

With the development of our online community for agilest, AgileConneX Recruitment has the ability to listen, engage and interact with candidates before introducing them to our clients.

Our certified in Agile consultants are enthused about supporting the needs of our community of agilest. From Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Stakeholders and anyone in between, our consultants bring an array of concepts, skills and industry backgrounds needed to help candidates achieve long-term measurable success in job placements.

We also provide online courses, monthly workshops & skilled-level social groups to help our community members increase their knowledge and skills when preparing for upcoming roles.

How Our Difference Is Making A Difference

    • OUR DIFFERENCE: is we offer high-impact recruiting that gives our clients deeper insights on the candidates they select.

    • OUR PROMISE: is to be the kind of partner who propels, promotes and powers-up your hiring process!

    • OUR MODEL: is simple, We win when You Win!

    • OUR MISSION: is to help you translate hidden value into high impact success!


Powering The New Era Of Work

As we continue to face the enormus changes to how we work, travel and interact with eachother, our consultants focus heavily on providing our clients with candidates well versed in the use of modern technology platforms in order to perform their requested day to day job roles. 

As a tech-led recruiting solution’s platform ran by certified Agile trainers & coaches, we take pride in providing good work for people and people for good work.

Our online community of agilest trust us to provide them with great resources and job opportunities on a reoccurring basis. Therefore, becoming a hiring partner with AgileConneX Recruitment assures you direct access to an on-going pool of present & future candidates.

Our Core Values

  • INNOVATE: (Something New) We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, we believe in making better wheels.

  • DIVERSITY: (Something Different) We strongly believe in the value of difference, as different results require diversified people, perspectives, and partnerships.

  • EVOLVE: (Something with Growth Potential) Evolution is a part of our story, evolving beyond the standard of what others said could not be done.


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