Our Latest Case Studies

Building Capabilities, Post Agile Transformation 


Problem: Our U.S.-based client, a leading Financial Organization had successfully launched its Agile Transformation wave one program, yet now desired to offboard its Agile Coaches to get to a steady-state of Agile Ways of Working. Our client’s dilemma was that proper expectations had not been set in advance with impacted leaders and there was no plan to ramp down toward sustainability.

Solution: Our team created and incorporated a capability-building phase toward wave 1 sustainability which included (i.e., role-based upskilling, mentorship, guilds, lean coffee, etc.)

Result: This capability-building approach led to the creation of NEW Agile buddy systems, Agile Lean Coffees, Cross-Organizational Guilds, etc., stood up within 60 days of its inception; leading to ongoing success at the teams’ level without Agile Coaching.

Launching Agile Teams at Scale

Problem: Our client, head of a popular global firm was seeking to launch their Agile Transformation program in the next 45 days for over 55 of its internal teams across multiple divisions. Our client’s challenge was determining the best rollout approach amidst various levels of Agile knowledge maturity, varying schedules with time zone considerations, and competing priorities and initiatives.

Solution: The introduction and launch of a multi-organizational, all-inclusive, pre-scribed Agile Transformation plan at scale, designed to meet the enterprise where they were. A scalable customized, framework-agnostic Agile Transformation plan designed to launch on a specific date which included Agile Bootcamps, Agile Teams Trainings, Sprint kick offs, Agile Executive & Teams Coaching, maturity assessments, etc.

Result: Agile Transformation success as evidenced by Sprinting Agile Teams at scale and sustainable Agile Maturity in 5-6 months’ time.

Agile Pilot, One Team Agile Kickoff

Problem: Our German-based client, head of a global manufacturing & logistics company, desired to launch Agile Ways of Working in their North and South America Operations divisions. Our client’s dilemma was deciding where to begin in Agile and which teams should kick off first as the pilot, yet they were sure they wanted to start small and scale up later.

Solution: After careful consideration, we decided to form one Agile Scrum Team, as a pilot that would use split capacity to enable the new product delivery of HR and Finance stakeholders. A ‘start now’ customized, Scrum based framework plan was designed which included a week of Agile Training that led to Sprint kick offs, Agile Executive & Teams Coaching, maturity assessments, playbook development, etc.

Result: The pilot team approach of supporting HR and Finance stakeholders enabled early Agile exposure for both organizations, allowing for simultaneous expedited learning, and provided an opportunity to temper the transformation strategy based on what went successfully vs. areas of opportunity. Our client later went on to expand the scope of Agile Transformation to 3 unique Agile Teams.

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