Agile Transformation Is An Art & A Science

AgileConnex provides advanced A/I tools which empower leaders to discover early & often insights needed to plan strategic next steps.

Through our 3-signature Agile assessment tools, we enable the art and science required for successful Agile Transformations.

Shorter, sleeker & virtually accessible anywhere, BrandDisco©’s assessments are brief & accurate, easy to administer, and provide real-time feedback.

Whether seeking to motivate Agile Mindsets, pinpoint immediate areas of opportunity, or provide professional development coaching, we’ve got you covered!

See Our Top-3 Agile Assessment Tools

When you work with us through our Consulting, Coaching or Training capabilities, our assessments are automatically included in the transformation experience. You may also take advantage of our tools as a stand alone offering to meet your needs. In either case, our automated assessment tools allow for quick discovery of insights; from your teams’ agility styles to their agile maturity levels. See what we have to offer!

Automated Change-Management Tool

Discover Your Agility Style

The Agility Styles Assessment is an automated change-management tool that helps leaders turn resistant teams into change-agents faster!

In only 8-carefully crafted questions, the Agility Styles Assessment uses data-driven A/I to quickly discover what motivates people to respond & embrace change quickly, also known as one's agility styles, or (change language).

Easily facilitated as a group-workshop experience, or anonymously at the start of transformation, the Agility Styles Assessment helps leaders determine what next steps will generate the most responsiveness.

Take full advantage of the Agility Styles Assessment as a part of our consulting solution, or use as a do-it-yourself option!

Automated Coaching Tool

Servant Leader Style Assessment for Scrum Masters and Product Owners

The Servant Leader Style Assessment is an automated coaching tool that helps Scrum Masters & Product Owners turn top-strengths into SMART goals faster!

Uniquely designed for Agile leaders, the Servant Leader Style Assessment uses data-driven A/I to help Scrum Masters & Product Owners quickly discover winning traits and how to use these more effectively in their current role.

Easily facilitated as a group-workshop experience, or during private coaching, the Servant Leader Style Assessment helps Scrum Masters & Product Owners determine their next steps toward personal or professional development.

Take full advantage of the Servant Leader Style Assessment as a part of our consulting solution, or use as a do-it-yourself option!

Automated Agile Maturity Assessment Tool

AgileSavvy - Agile Maturity Assessment

Agile Savvy is an automated maturity assessment tool that helps leaders and coaches quickly evaluate an Agile team's level of maturity to develop customized next steps around greatest areas of opportunity.

Uniquely designed for new & emerging Agile teams, Agile Savvy works at 3-different levels of maturity (i.e., Pre-Launch, New 30-90 Days & Maturing beyond 120-Days) and uses data-driven A/I to ensure Agile leaders and coaches can meet their teams where they are.

Whether seeking to develop need-based skills training or responsive coaching plans, Agile Savvy can be easily facilitated at any point in transformation and is the next best step between where your team is vs. where they aim to be.

Take full advantage of the Agile Savvy assessment tool, as a part of our consulting solution, or use as a do-it-yourself option!

How Our Assessment Tools Work

Once you speak with a member of our team and select which assessment tool you desire (i.e. choose one or all), the number of people being assessed (i.e. population being assessed per team), and timeframe for the assessment period, you are ready to go!

Step 1: We’ll Issue A Unique Assessment Link: Our team will issue your organization a unique URL assessment link to administer the assessment. *(URL Link remains active through an agreed upon date to allow participant engagement.)

Step 2: We’ll Deliver Your Population Feedback Report(s): Our smart A/I will automatically analyze the feedback captured and provide a comprehensive summarized report of your findings per team; delivered via email within 3-Days of assessment end date.

Step 3: We’ll Conduct A Feedback Walk Through With You: A member of our team will conduct a pre-scheduled walkthrough of your results & findings to answer any questions & offer feedback or suggested next steps within 3-5 Days of assessment end date.

What Our Assessment Reports Deliver

  • Population Demographics (i.e. How many users & population type of users)
  • General Population Statistics (i.e. The results from the overall general population)
  • Population Statistics by Demographics (i.e. The results from unique demographics)
  • *Individual Report Results (i.e. Unique results from individual users) *Not available on the Agile Pro© Assessment
  • Result Feedback Meaning (i.e. Meaning and interpretation of each result)
  • Most Popular (i.e. Majority Result)
  • Least Popular (i.e. Minority Result)
  • Suggested Next Steps
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