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Giving you the expertise to plan, launch and lead your Agile Transformation from start to scale, our consultants are skilled at meeting you where you are. Whether at the start of your Agile journey, or well underway, our expert team of multi-framework certified Agile Consultants have a proven track record working with teams at all phases of agile maturity and are prepared to provide you with winning transformative solutions.

A SOLID Start™  to Agile Transformation

Our trademarked SOLID Start™ Agile Transformation model is designed to provide organizations new to Agile, a clear path forward for starting, sprinting and self-sufficiency in Agile Ways of Working through 5-phases. SOLID Start™ is a proven lift & shift model for launching Agile Transformations in a more practical, comprehensive and repeatable way. This includes how to plan and respond to the unplanned nuances that can threaten success. Through the SOLID Start™ approach, organizations can easily adopt this model into their existing culture, obtain early leadership alignment, and offer continuous improvement opportunities.

We Value Transparency In How We Work

We believe transparency can equal trust which is why we begin with our 5-transparency factors right from the start. We stand firmly behind our 'right time, right place' coaching principles to enable psychological safety. Our team begins each engagement with a Coaching Agreement spelling out exactly what can be expected from our style of coaching, the approach we'll use and the techniques we administer at different levels of maturity. We are committed to ensuring our clients are aligned with our coaching techniques in advance.

Helping Teams Demystify Big Room Planning Events

Mastering day to day Agile ways of working is one thing, yet quarterly and annual initiative planning and future forecasting of Agile work can be an entirely epic undertaking, unto itself. One that requires expert Agile Coaching support, critical thinking and collaborative group tools to pull it all together. Our team is well versed in walking teams through Big Room Planning readiness.


Agile Coach
"We received remarkable leadership, coaching, and practitioner ship with extensive experience delivering large scale transformations. A team of consultants that live people and you can always count on to bring refreshing energy and a differentiating perspective to anything they're a part of."
Agile Transformation Lead
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of AgileConneX's consultants in their role as tribe lead coach and I cannot stress how inclusive, transparent, and collaborative the management style was. Their work with business leadership, in which they included their squad coaches where possible, is engaging and results-oriented. They worked to do the right and best thing by the tribe and its members. A coaching style that is creative and consistent, they asked incisive questions that elicit thoughtful responses. Wasn't afraid to make the hard decisions nor have the difficult conversations necessary to their leadership position. Took an effective stance with professionalism, intention, and compassion. We couldn’t ask for a better coaching and leadership example."
Product Owner
Supply Chain Analytics
"Thank you for all of your help over the past few months. Your teams have had a significant impact on our team and me personally. We will miss having you all here! "

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