Agile Mindset Readiness

Creating and responding to change

Giving you the expertise to implement an Agile Mindset readiness strategy at scale customized for your organization, our consultants have the skills and experience to help you motivate, activate, and maintain a lasting Agile Mindset culture. Using a proven simple, scalable, and sustainable easy 3-Step system, our expert team of certified Agile Consultants have a proven track-record pioneering Agile readiness at leading enterprises of all sizes and sectors.

Agile Mindset Readiness using a 3 part system

We've introduced a trademarked  Agile Mindset readiness system called Relay, a 3 part system that teaches organization how to motivate agile mindset readiness, activate its team's agile mindset adoption and maintain a lasting agile mindset culture. Relay gets its name from the relay race model where players equally contribute efforts to winning the race.

We introduced and teach the 5-Phases of the Agile Mindset Journey


Our Agile Mindset Readiness Principle No. 6., teaches, “Shifting to an Agile Mindset from a Fixed Mindset must be seen as a journey, not a sprint", which is why we pioneered the concept around the 5-Phases of the Agile Mindset journey and how to coach people through each phase.


Business Program Leader
"The most thought provoking agile mindset training I've ever heard taken! We were able to roll out our Agile Mindset strategy across the company footprint after within 30 days of this course."
Agile Coach
“As a fellow coach and mentor, I appreciated this training simply off the principle that it allowed me to group the actions I normally take into buckets of useful repeatable content. I am now well equipped to reach into this bag of tricks when I feel overwhelmed or that my leadership has become stagnant.”
"Informative and inspiring. So great to see it's not too late to motivate Agile Mindset at our organization."

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