Agile Coaching Academy,

Your Coaches' Secret Weapon

Giving your new and emerging Agile Coaches the upskilling needed to lead, guide, and support their teams more effectively, our certified Agile Coaching Academy aims to be complementary vs. disruptive by providing advanced Agile coaching concepts that are easy to incorporate into existing models. Headed by our certified Agile Master Coaches and Accredited Agile Training team, the Agile Coaching Academy teaches your Agile coaches how to use strategic thinking, critical decision-making, and creative thought leadership to customize their Agile coaching strategy in response to evolving maturity and overall responsiveness. Whether your coaches are just starting their Agile Journeys, or well underway, our team of Master Coaches focuses on being allies to your coaches to achieve a unified goal, success!

Agile Coaching Academy combines tools with techniques to upskill your coaches.

We believe in demonstrating what we desire, which means we do what we teach by using collaborative virtual classroom tools to get your coaches accustomed to remote teaching styles. Our trademarked Agile Coaching Academy takes your coaches through a progressive coaching journey that shows them how to coach based on various levels of maturity, including how to ramp down when transitioning off, while simultaneously building up capabilities.

Command and Control Techniques

Change can be difficult for many, especially when pointing people toward new behaviors as they look to ditch old habits. In our Agile Coaching Academy, we help Agile Coaches to understand when coaching their teams toward new behaviors they must show people how to rethink, re-word and reposition those old traits in new ways. Below exemplifies a technique we cover around coaching command and control behaviors.

Turning data into coaching opportunities

What good is data, if you don't know how to use it in meaningful ways? In our Agile Coaching Academy, we help Agile Coaches to understand how to use data to coach. Below exemplifies how we turn a maturity assessment into a coaching opportunity.


Agile Coach
"Undoubtedly one of the most influential Agile forces I've had the pleasure of meeting. They are BOSS! I am honored to be mentored by such brilliant and passionate minds. With each session, they bring their A-Game by providing premier professionalism, top-notch industry knowledge, and the latest tools and technology to help meet your goals. Their coaching/training style commands your attention. You owe it to yourself to invest and watch them in action."
Sr. Agile Coach
"We received remarkable leadership, coaching, and practitioner ship with extensive experience delivering large scale transformations. A team of consultants that live people and you can always count on to bring refreshing energy and a differentiating perspective to anything they're a part of."
Agile Transformation Lead
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of AgileConneX's consultants in their role as tribe lead coach and I cannot stress how inclusive, transparent, and collaborative the management style was. Their work with business leadership, in which they included their squad coaches where possible, is engaging and results-oriented. They worked to do the right and best thing by the tribe and its members. A coaching style that is creative and consistent, they asked incisive questions that elicit thoughtful responses. Wasn't afraid to make the hard decisions nor have the difficult conversations necessary to their leadership position. Took an effective stance with professionalism, intention, and compassion. We couldn’t ask for a better coaching and leadership example."

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