About ACX


About AgileConneX

Founded July 12th 2020,  AgileConneX is the world’s 1st digital platform for the agilist community to come together and discuss agile topics both socially and professionally. Our members include Agile Coaches, CST’s, Scrum Masters and Product Owners as well as the Agile curious. 

As the subsidiary of AgileConneX Incorporated an American technology conglomerate based in Fort Mill, S.C., AgileConneX provides community members with daily conversations, agile information, public & private groups, talks & workshops, tools and recruitment services to aid in their career advancement. Members enjoy building their professional relationships in a secure environment, while exploring educational and career opportunities.

About The Founders

DeMario & Dawn Nicole McIlwain

As tech entrepreneurs, DeMario & Dawn Nicole are also the proud co-founders of Agile Week Carolinas™AgileEducate™, ConneX Communities and BrandDisco LLC, a training company who offers Agile, Leadership and Business Readiness through Coaching, Training and a signature product line of assessment tools & online courses as well as the authors of Get Out Of Your Head and Onto Your Purpose, an eleven-chapter, thought-provoking & motivational book designed to help people resist the natural urge to overthink.

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